Saint-Germain (sometimes written as St Germain) is not a saint, but was an 18th Century French Count: le Comte de Saint-Germain. In some of his other incarnations he was Merlin the Magician and a High Priest in the Healing Temple of Atlantis.

The guidance he offers us today supports us as we move through the changes we are experiencing following the energetic shift at the Solstice in 2012. Saint-Germain is one of the many Spiritual Beings of high vibration who are assisting our planet and those who dwell on her as we continue to move through these changes towards our Ascension.

Saint-Germain and the Violet Flame Chakra

Saint-Germain and the Violet Flame Chakra

Saint-Germain has been associated with the Violet Flame Chakra since its inception. Indeed, it was St-Germain who introduced this to us, through Edwin Courtenay at his initial workshops.

Saint-Germain continues to oversee this work and is very present at Violet Flame Chakra Awakenings.

It was Saint-Germain who prompted the writing of Awakening the Flame, and in it he shares his personal journey with the Violet Flame through the centuries, culminating in its role in transforming humanity at this important time in our evolution.


Channelling Saint-Germain

The process of channelling is where the words and energy of a spiritual being are channelled through a human being so that guidance and healing energy can be shared with you.

The Ascended Master Saint-Germain is one of the increasing number of high frequency spiritual beings who are connecting with the Earth, as we continue to move through our Ascension process. These beings are willing to offer us help and spiritual guidance, through the technique of channelling, as we move through our individual and global awakening.

Saint-Germain is keen to help us understand the changes that are taking place, and to assist us with our spiritual development and our own personal Awakening.

His vibration is powerful and loving. Being in his energy is inspiring and uplifting, and can be profoundly healing.

Read Channellings from Saint-Germain.

Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters

An Ascended Master is a being of high vibration, now in Spirit, who once walked this earth.

There are many Ascended Masters, including Jesus, Buddha and Mother Mary. They offer us help, spiritual guidance and support, and bring us wisdom and inspiration.

Listen to Diana speaking as a guest on Maureen Allan’s radio show on the topic of Ascended Masters.  The show, Spiritual Enlightenment – Advancing One’s Wisdom, aired on Voice America’s Seventh Wave Channel in November 2014.  It includes a few minutes of Diana Channelling Saint-Germain.



The energetic frequency, or vibration, of both the planet, and of humanity, is rising.  The rate at which this vibration is rising has been increasing over recent years, and reached a peak at the time of the winter solstice in 2012 – a date which had been predicted as a time of great change.

There was indeed an energetic shift at that time, and many people are aware of the change in energetic frequency since then. The changes are continuing, with more people becoming aware of Spirit, of energy on a subtle level, and of their own Spiritual development. They are awakening to the many possibilities which exist outside our everyday physical reality.

New healing techniques and processes are being introduced, and more people are willing to explore these methods, and feeling a greater need to seek guidance and gain understanding about what these planetary changes mean to them.

This continuing change, development and evolution, together with the continuing rise in frequency on a personal and planetary level, is all part of the process known as our Ascension.

The energy of the Violet Flame Chakra, and the practice of Awakening that energy within individuals is very much a part of the whole Ascension process.

Image of St Germain, copyright Edwin Courtenay

© copyright Edwin Courtenay

This image was created for “Awakening the Flame – Igniting Your Potential through the Power of the Violet Flame Chakra” by Diana Savil with Saint-Germain