The energies of the Violet Flame Chakra and the Rescue Flames are profound. Many skilled healers have found their effects to be beyond anything they have come across before.

Below are some of their experiences. If you would like to add your own to this page, please email me:

“I attended the VIOLET FLAME CHAKRA AWAKENING workshop in November of 2016.  For me it just felt the right thing to do as I knew I was stuck emotionally after a tough time and this was having a very bad effect on both my mental state and also the physical.  I am a sufferer of Degenerative Joint disease, however, over the previous months my condition had deteriorated to such a state that I could barely walk up the stairs in my home.  As I am a Spiritual practitioner myself I had a good idea that I had held onto a great deal of hurt and upset within my physical body and I had been about as low as I could go, but nothing I tried had helped me.

I gritted my teeth through the pain, plucked up the courage and off I went.  The day was very interesting and like nothing I had experienced before with many different types of people attending all for different reasons.  Nothing amazing happened for me on the day, this did not worry me as past experience has shown me that I rarely experience things at the time, but usually 12-24 hours after the event.  AND THEN – OH WOW!

I got up on the Sunday morning and my physical pain had reduced by around 70% and for 4 days I felt like I was floating on a cloud, my mood was positive and with my pain so significantly reduced I was able to move around more freely.  I was flabbergasted!  Since then I have been far more comfortable within myself and my confidence and true self has come back after a very long time.  I have now used the Violet Flame on some of the people and animals who I have been treating with Reiki with fabulous results.

This has truly transformed my life and I am working with Diana so that I may share this gift with others with the same skill and integrity that she has done with me and the other people who she has worked with.”

– Lesley Collinson

Rescue Flames for Organ, Joints, Nervous System and Physical Body Support Generally

The Rescue Flame colours for each organ are based on the colours used by Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), colours that have been associated with each paired acupuncture yin/yang organ system for thousands of years.

I received information about using the Flames in this way on March 24, 2016 and have been working with the colours daily ever since. They work, for me at least, and as confirmed by one of my sons who sees energy within the body as colour; but my organs do feel less stressed, generally stronger, and my kidneys and liver which had been painful and swollen for some months, feel softer and much less stressed.

The ears are the orifice of the kidneys and I’ve had tinnitus (ringing in the ears) since 1994. While the tinnitus was brought on by a number of stressful events, over the years I’ve witnessed the direct link between the loudness of the ringing and the state of my kidneys. When they’re very stressed the ringing is very loud, and it has toned down since using the Flames.

Also the eyes are the orifice of the liver, so any fluctuations in eyesight is directly related to the state of health of the liver. Two months ago my eyesight suddenly took a dive and I found myself needing to wear glasses to work on my computer, something that has never happened before, so even without the pain as a symptom, I knew my liver was very stressed. Since using the Flames my eyesight has returned to ‘normal,’ that is, no need for glasses for reading or computer work.

Also where they had been functioning at kidneys: 12% and liver: 11% before I started using the Flames, they are now functioning at Kidneys: 65% and liver: 63%. A huge improvement but a way to go to be functionally optimally.

~ Dr Mesheril ManyFeathers DD,BS,MH,WT,RM 

(Details on which Rescue Flames relate to which organ, and how to apply them in this way are on the Inner Temple page.  Log in now to read more, and use this wonderful energy.)

From Diana Savil:

I have been privileged to hear many accounts of the changes that a Violet Flame Chakra Awakening has brought, and share some of them below:

One student, a skilled dental surgeon, found that immediately following her Awakening, she was able to hear communications from some of her patient’s individual teeth!  Not every patient, and not every tooth, but on several occasions, she was aware of the tooth she was working on communicating with her on how it felt about the treatment it was receiving, or would like to receive.

Another student found that in the month following her Awakening, her self-confidence increased, she became able to manage her household more effectively, and she lost a stone in weight without even trying!

At a Violet Flame Chakra Awakening that I presented in March 2014, one of the messages Channelled from Saint-Germain was that “The healing will begin from today.”  For one of those present, this became noticeably so.

She had suffered with severe back pain for many years – decades, in fact – and at one stage had been paralysed for a time.  It should be said that she is an accomplished healer, and had employed several different approaches in attempts to ease her distress.

Over the few days following her Awakening she recognised that her pain had significantly reduced, and continued to do so.  It has not returned to its former state.

And it would appear that benefits can still be received from an Awakening – without even being present!  At a Violet Flame Chakra Awakening I held in December 2015, one of the students placed the name of a friend – we’ll call her Jane – on the altar within the workshop space.

Jane had been suffering with a physical ailment, and it had been becoming progressively more intense.  A spiritual lady, she had sought help on many levels to assist her, but had reached the point where she was almost ready to leave the earth plane, if matters did not ease.

Her name was placed upon the altar – and we do not at any time during the workshop focus specifically on the items placed there; they are simply held within the energy of the occasion – and healing took place.

This is perhaps not surprising in itself – it is, after all, the reason that we place names and items there – but the degree, and speed, of the healing was remarkable.

By the day following the Awakening, there had been a total reversal in her symptoms.  Where energy had been blocked, it was now flowing, with great speed and power.  In Jane’s own words: “So from one v. painful extreme to the complete opposite.”

The names of some of Jane’s family had also been placed on the altar, and, again, significant changes manifested in their situation.  They had been having problems, and to quote the student who placed them there:  “ . . . miraculously things seem to be sorting themselves out – just wonderful.”

About a week after the Awakening the student received a further email from Jane:  “Okay, (Friend) – The violet flame is a GO-GO and for sure!  All thanks and Praise to those on High. What a God-incidence you went to that seminar.”

“On the Friday (May 2014) my Mum was complaining of a pain in her side and I said I would do a healing so I started off with Reiki and then the emotional, physical and spiritual flames came in with their associated presences. The pain was lifted but also what was great was that my Mum seemed completely renewed and a lot of negative energy on other levels had been lifted too. I had already intended to give her a rose quartz angel but I then felt moved to also give her an amethyst one. I charged both of them up with reiki and violet flame energy and she put them by her bed.

The next day the violet flame chakra of the earth at Leith Hill was linked with Glastonbury Tor. Obviously this had a huge impact on the energy of the house as we are 35 miles away from Leith Hill. (I am moving next week but have lived back in the family home for the past few years for various reasons).

On the Monday I got extremely nervous whilst waiting for the tenancy check for my upcoming move to go through. I spotted an administrative error and got it changed but the process was stressful as the administrator at the lettings agency just didn’t seem to be listening! I got extremely stressed so I decided to use one of the rescue flames on myself. The emotional rescue flame came through and I was filled with a wonderful comforting energy. The next day I got a phone call to say that all was well with the tenancy check.

On the Wednesday I got the sense that someone had been sending negative energy against my Mum and I asked for guidance on how to stop it.

On Thursday I awoke early and had the house to myself. I was waiting for a parcel so I did my daily healing and guidance work downstairs nearer the garden. Normally I do this in the loft for privacy. My cat sat on my lap for a long time (I am often guided and protected by the animal and plant worlds) and then it came to me that there was an issue with the land on our property and the adjacent ones. An ancient issue that had led to a lot of misfortune and discord amongst the residents. I myself can testify that I was a happy healthy little girl until we moved to the house when I was 10 and then a lot of problems started for me. There have been a lot of other issues as well including an exceptionally bitter property dispute next door. I then felt moved to call in Archangel Zadkiel to clear this energy. I think it affects the land around as well but I felt moved to just clear this bit for the time being. The energy on our land and on the neighbouring 2 houses. I directed the energy until it had been cleared. 

~ Rosie May

“I’ve been working with Saint-Germain and the Violet Flame since 1991 to transform stagnant and/or stuck energy with clients and physical spaces, so I was intrigued when a social media friend said she had signed up to a Violet Flame Chakra workshop. What a blessing it was afterwards when she offered to give me the Awakening.

During the Awakening I saw seven colors that Saint-Germain said were more Violet Flames. I was guided to write down the colors and over the days that followed I received the names of the Guardians of each one, and as I worked with them, each Flame revealed its purpose. And thus began my amazing journey with the Violet Flame Chakra.

I know for me at least, as with all forms of healing I practice, the Flames of the Violet Flame Chakra, and how to work with them, have and continue to evolve as I and others I’ve Awakened open to receive the extraordinary support each one provides us. They also support and combine beautifully with all the many healing modalities I work with, and increase their overall effectiveness.

Infinite gratitude to Saint-Germain and Diana for supporting humanity to awaken more fully to who we truly are at this time when we need it most. And thank you Liz for the blessing of your powerful gift.”

~ Dr Mesheril ManyFeathers DD,BS,MH,WT,RM

“Every year I run a short course on relaxation and meditation because I have too many people wanting to join my monthly group.  At any meditation group I always put a ball of Reiki healing energy in the centre of the room for anyone in need to draw on.  This year I also invoked some of the Violet flames to eliminate stress and promote a feeling of peace.  My attention was drawn to one lady and I felt she had an low entity attached to her and so I invoked Sanat Kumara  and the Gold Royal Blue Violet Flame, I felt the whoosh of released energy but thought no more about it until some days later this lady emailed that since she had been meditating she no longer woke every morning with a terrible feeling of dread that had plagued her for several years.  She had tried everything including medication from her doctor but since she had come to my class she woke up happy every day.  She is convinced that meditation is her saviour and long may that be as it is a good practice to get into.  She has no need to know that the Violet Flame was involved but it just shows to me, once again, how powerful and simple these flames are.”

~ Elizabeth Rowlands

“Rescue Flames:  Intense and powerful.  I have personally found that their associated connections with Spirit seem to vary dependent on what they wish to heal and also intuitively guide – however, they are always accurate and link with the client.  For me they are not always associated with the flames within the workbook notes.  Whilst I initially found this slightly disconcerting I have come to understand that their meanings are intuitively mentioned, when they differ from the workbook suggestions, and can trust that they are represented how they are required at that time.

Violet Seven Pointed Star:  Stage 2 – being introduced to and now aware of the 7 pointed star has transformed my spiritual development and also my work.  The 7 pointed star  initiated a link with the Triple Goddesses.  Very quickly this link opened an additional portal  – enabling me to call upon and work with a variety of female Goddesses who connect with fertility, pregnancy and birthing. Whilst some are always present and hold the “space” I am being introduced to more daily.  These wonderful Multi-dimensional Beings, Deities and Goddesses are associated with all forms of Universal Healing Energies , religions and past and future Energies.”

~ JE