“The energy of the Violet Flame Chakra is part of Humanity’s progress. It is more than merely a new healing tool, a further technique, to be practised by skilled energy-workers.

It is a key to unlock Humanity’s potential, to enable you, all, upon the Earth plane to Ascend, and to achieve that of which you, on Soul level, are all capable.

And this it will do. Received, now, upon the Earth, and held within the collective consciousness, the power of this energy, in all it aspects, has already begun healing, cleansing and clearing on a deep level.

My encouragement that this work should spread is not, only, Dear Ones, that you should have more tools at your disposal, be able to offer more to those who come to you, but, more importantly, that this healing should continue, cleansing, clearing and transmuting all within you.

There is much darkness at this time; this you know. It is not a darkness from without, but rather a final emerging of the darkness that has been held within, that has gradually, over time, become ingrained.

Such deeply held energy requires tools of great power, love, wisdom and light to clear it. The energy of the Violet Flame Chakra offers such tools.

Spread this energy, then, Dear Ones. Let it flow. Share it, speak of it, hold its vibration within your Being. And as you do so, you free not only yourselves, but the All.”

Saint-Germain’s Channelled words from “Awakening the Flame – Igniting Your Potential through the Power of the Violet Flame Chakra”.