Awakening the Flame

Igniting Your Potential through the Power of the Violet Flame Chakra
by Diana Savil with Saint-Germain

Awakening the Flame charts the journey of the Violet Flame Chakra – a new energy centre within our Being introduced in November 2013.  The Awakening of this Chakra enables multi-dimensional healing abilities and profound personal transformation.

As the first wave of those who received the Awakening began to work with this new energy, it continued to evolve.  Awakening the Flame tells the story of its development and evolution.

The Violet Flame Chakra is closely associated with the Ascended Master, Saint-Germain, and in Awakening the Flame he shares his personal journey with the Violet Flame through the ages.  Channelled directly from him, this powerful story is told in his own words.

The Violet Flame Chakra plays a vital role in the evolution of Humanity, as we move towards our Ascension.

Including both practical information and Channelled inspiration, Awakening the Flame is a powerful tool for spiritual development.

Edwin Courtenay – Spiritual Teacher, Psychic Artist and Author – writes:

“Diana Savil is a pioneer in bringing forward the next evolutionary step of the Violet Flame and its chakra for humanity.  This book is a must read for anyone serious about true spiritual transformation and service.  The simple-to-use secrets and mysteries that it contains may very well change your life!  I cannot recommend it enough!  Let the transformation begin!”

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Awakening the Flame is available in paperback or on Kindle direct from the publishers, Balboa Press at Hay House and Amazon, or your local bookshop.

Buy the book direct from the author, with a signed personal message from Diana. £14 including UK postage and packing.  Contact me for overseas rates.


Awakening the Flame book reviews

“A truly amazing book which became a page turner from the beginning.  Written in a very readable style, this book helps you to understand the Violet Flame Chakra and its connection with St Germain.  Diana is a very well respected Channel and Inspirational Teacher who really knows how to explain a fascinating subject in a clear understandable way.  The world is going through turbulent times at the moment and the awakening of this most valuable chakra will help each and every one of us to ease the pain.  This book makes you think and its wonderful information will stay with you long after you have finished the book.  A gem of a book which I thoroughly enjoyed.  If you are looking for a unique book for a special person, this book is it.”

Grace Turner

“This book represents a new level in energy healing and human consciousness exploration. An intriguing and inspiring journey into new ideas and forms of energy and healing, it brings a fresh look at old ideas. Diana explains her journey wonderfully and the channelled material from Saint Germain is full of light, empowerment and love. This is an exciting time for humanity as a whole and this book represents a facet of that awakening. I loved reading the messages contained in here and they resonate fully with my current journey as an awakening human! Great stuff. Love and light”

Matthew Rivers

“Firstly I would like to say thank you to Diana for such a wonderful book, one that exudes love, healing, knowledge and wisdom of one of the most powerful healing tools that we have been gifted. I enjoyed reading the book from start to finish, it is authentically written and Diana’s lovely personality comes through. I love her humbleness and true sense of gratitude that shines out through the book. I especially enjoyed reading about her first channeling experience and her channeling from St Germain, so very special. I look forward to any more books that she may write in the future.”

Tanita Taylor

“A truly inspirational journey from the first page. Felt the presence of Saint-Germain throughout the book. Highly recommend this book for anyone who is seeking inner wisdom and guidance”.


“What I like about this book is that the author leads you through the whole journey. It is informative, and fascinating and all done in an easy to understand manner. You really get a feel for the magic of the experience.
And then there is the most wonderful channelling towards the end of the book. It’s words carry not only beautiful meanings that give insight and a feeling of true peace, but hold a powerful energy that you can feel just by reading them. A really special read, forging a path for the new consciousness. I thoroughly recommend it!”

Melissa Tiffin