Diana Savil

Violet Flame Chakra Work

Diana’s introduction to the Violet Flame Chakra began in November 2013, when she attended one of Edwin Courtenay’s first Awakening the Violet Flame Chakra workshops. Since that time she has carried out many Awakenings, in workshops and on an individual basis.  Many of her students have gone on to teach Awakening workshops of their own.

In May 2014 she was guided by The Ascended Master, Saint-Germain to write the book that became “Awakening the Flame”, and it was published in April 2015.

In the same year she set up the Violet Flame Chakra website.

Diana attended Edwin’s Lady of Silver workshop in October 2015, and joined the group on Leith Hill the following day, visiting all the power points, guided by Edwin and Kieron Morgan.

On 9/9/2016 (9/9/9) Diana led one of the groups gathered on Leith Hill to enable the birthing of the New Avalon energies and joined Edwin and Kieron’s subsequent weekend Retreat connecting to all the energy centres on the Hill.

Other Work

Diana began her spiritual journey in this lifetime in 1991.  She started working with Tarot Cards and healing, and shortly afterwards began Channelling the words and energy of Higher Beings.  In 1999 she was introduced to Setsukido, a transformative massage technique, working with Ki.  She practised and taught Setsukido for several years.  She also ran many workshops on a variety of subjects, and led several meditation and development groups.

In 2010 Diana became a Channel for the Ascended Master Saint-Germain. She offered guidance to clients, held workshops and led a weekly Ascension Group, Channelling his words and energy, for several years.  She continues to work closely with him in connection with all the Violet Flame Chakra work.

Diana became Attuned to Reiki in 2001 and became a Reiki Master in 2007.  Since that time she has carried out many Reiki Attunements, to all Levels.

In Spring 2021 Diana began to move into retirement.  She has ceased working with clients, but continues to offer Violet Flame Chakra Awakenings and Reiki Attunements, and to teach occasional Tarot Courses.

She has also stepped back from full management of the Violet Flame Chakra website, and is delighted to now share that work with Angela Medway-Smith.  Diana carried out Angela’s Violet Flame Chakra Awakening in June 2019, and her Lady of Silver initiation in February 2020, when Angela’s unique connection to Lady Portia was revealed. Diana has shared some further High Frequency experiences with her, and she is more than worthy, and capable, of leading the Violet Flame Chakra website onwards into the future.

Angela Medway Smith

Angela Orora Medway-Smith

Violet Flame Chakra Work

Angela was divinely guided to Diana by St Germain who she had begun channelling in 2018.  Diana then Awakened her Violet Flame Chakra in the Spring of 2019 and initiated her with Lady Portia (Our Lady of Silver).

Angela has carried out Awakenings in Greece, the UK and the Caribbean and began running online workshops during the ‘Great Pause’ of 2020 and has Awakened over 100 people, many of whom have gone on to Awaken others.

She set up The Violet Flame Chakra Awakened Souls Group to focus healing intent for all those who have been Awakened and works with Diana and Kieron Morgan to promote this work.

Other Work

Angela’s spiritual journey in this lifetime began in 1985 when she trained as a spiritual healer and psychic counsellor with Betty Balcombe.  Angela subsequently sat in circle with Betty for seven years when she returned to live in her homeland, Wales.  She began teaching intuitive and spiritual development in 1990 in Australia. Angela continues to study with other published spiritual teachers to simply be the best she can.

Her business is called Cariad Spiritual (Cariad is a Welsh word which means love/sweetheart) as it is with love she approaches all of her work.  She is very practical in her work and is known as The Practical Mystic.

Angela channels a great many of the Ascended Masters, Archangels and the Angelic Collectives and in 2021 completed her channelled book “The Book of Many Colours; A Guide to Personal Transformation Through The Divine Rays”.

She is trained and attuned in many healing modalities and teaches spiritual healing, Divine Energy Healing, Angelic Reiki, Crystal and Shamanic healing (as well as her Violet Flame work).  She also teaches Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Reading and Dowsing, and continues to teach foundations of spiritual and intuitive development as well as offering transformational retreat experiences worldwide.  Cariad Spiritual Academy offers accredited courses from IAOTH, HPAI and the Angelic Reiki Association.

Angela launched Sacred Energy Therapeutics in 2021, offering bespoke high quality vibrational essential oil products to support her clients, together with her Lightworker, Earth Angel and Divine Ray Ranges for therapist, general and spiritual use.

Her passion for healing inspired her to start charity holistic fayres and festivals in her home-town of Llanelli which have raised thousands of pounds for children’s charities and allowed thousands of people to experience holistic healing.

Angela collaborates with other light-workers to promote healing.  She is a Trustee and Chair of Divine Energy International, a charity and membership body for healers, whose vision it is for there to be:

A World Where Divine Energy Is For All

Her 1:1 work includes Intuitive Life Coaching, Spiritual Guidance Consultations and healing and she is blessed to have supported hundreds of clients worldwide including stars of stage and screen.

Her logo represents her belief that we all have the ability to transform and ‘Be The Butterfly’, to soar, reclaiming our sovereign selves.

Cariad Spiritual